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About Us

buying-market.com is a custom-made jewelry company in the city of Guangzhou,China. Each piece of our gemstone is examined under 10X magnification to ensure they are perfectly aligned and securely set, and that the precious metal has no imperfections.We exclusively work with hand-selected gemstones—every gemstone is individually inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards.We make jewelers with decades of experience and the utmost dedication to ensure that no detail is overlooked in the crafting of your jewelry.Our mission is to cultivate a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry. We hold true to our values of awareness by carefully tracking our gems origins. We go beyond the usual standard to guarantee that our jewelries are made with all our efforts.

Our Team

We have approximate 30 members in our team,who are designers,craftsmen,photographers,gems appraisers,customer service ladies etc.We believe that the jewelry design is not just artistry,but also architecture and engineering played out on minute scale.We are devoting ourselves to create every piece of our elegant works.